Inside Iran: What Iranians think of stand-off with US – BBC News

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As tensions rise between Iran, the US and its allies, the BBC has been given rare access to Iran.

Iranians remain furious that US President Donald Trump pulled out of the nuclear deal last year and has imposed crushing sanctions on the country.

BBC correspondent Martin Patience, along with cameraman Nik Millard and producer Cara Swift, have been in Tehran and the holy city of Qom, talking to Iranians about the escalating crisis.

While in country, recording access was controlled – as with all foreign media the team was accompanied by a government representative at all times.

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‫38 تعليقات

‫38 تعليقات

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  1. Arnold87 قال:

    BBC have you forgotten we follow some backpackers who come from America and Britain who give Coverage of Iran 🇮🇷 we know Iran 🇮🇷 is beautiful and people are so good so please stop being fuckin biased

  2. Anonymous قال:

    I like how the media goes to the 5% of the Iranians that are in favor of the Regime rather than show the 95% that aren't. Media loves to create fibs.

  3. ger will قال:

    I see only old people kn the mosk. Glad that yong people stop believ in that crazy pedofiel

  4. Marco Sega قال:


  5. Long lives Iran and its peoples❤❤❤ I love you Iran and I'm proud of you…don't allow Americans to divide you as they did to the Libyans, Iraqians, and many others countries….love your leaders and believe in the future, believe in the future that you will not be controlled by these devils call Americans…

  6. Sand all قال:

    The BBC wouldn't know how to do an unbiased documentary. They are a state-owned institution, with all the same privately educated leaders as the government. Therefore they have the same mindset as the government. The Old colonial mindset.

  7. As a Texas conservative , I don’t feel one way or another about Iran. As for Israel , I want them out of my government. I’m not interested in another war for Israel.

  8. Sledge _Jk قال:

    Lol Iranian beat 15 countries in the gulf war well Iran every learn their lesson

  9. Y**** M قال:

    lost trust in BBC. … propaganda bias media group. Why dont BBC make a peice on how the UK is stealing Libya'n peoples frozen assets on a monthly basis. Embezzling liars and theives.

    And now the UK even ushers in Fascism by freezing its parliament. HAH

  10. As American im sick and tired hearing about iran just hurry up and destroy that shitty country

  11. Iran is so lucky 🇺🇸 haven't yet nuke iran but i do believe 🇺🇸 will nuke 🇮🇷 very soon

  12. Dr D قال:

    Iranians stormed that embassy and held hostages because America allowed the murderous SHAH to come to America for cancer treatment while he was to be held legally accountable for his many murders in Iran…the US protected that criminal. This is the whole reason. Please tell it like it is. IF the Sauds are out to commit genocide against the SHIA then sadly the Americans are blaming Iran for all of the world's woes. The SHIA get it all ways…very sad.

  13. Yas Khat قال:

    Blah blah blah, same thing nothing new.

  14. Yas Khat قال:

    Israelis don’t want Iran to be friends with America.

  15. Ali X قال:

    BBC you should be ashamed of this fake news reporting. What is your reason to defend a country that wishes DEATH upon you? Why not talk to the young generation, to the diaspora who RAN AWAY from this dictatorship? How much are you getting paid??

  16. Typical BBC image making of other nations,there is always a hidden agenda behind every selected sentence and image it shows ,in another word brain wash.

  17. In the US we aren't chanting death to Iran so who are the war mungers????

  18. Bogus , bias, and boring British TV channel. Ask British who authorized them to draw a line in India before independence? Why their army did not bring peace during partition of India and Pakistan? Even they did same in Burundi. Today Pentagon is doing same in all muslim countries.

  19. Zionists control the world .

  20. A قال:

    Iranian and the regime won't believe ….. these are two different entities which are against each other.

  21. You don't allow he world's largest sponsor of terror to acquire nuclear weapons; particularly when they constantly espouse the destruction of Israel and the US. Now- is that so hard to understand?

  22. Nick66 قال:

    Politics should really not be dictated by religion. Its just a recipe for disaster.

  23. Evil UK & Evil America loves MBS & it’s oil.
    Iran can defend itself against any Zionist Saudi & American aggression.

  24. poor Iran targeted by ROTHSCHILD MOB who own most of world media, such an evil cabal, how can normal citizens survive against such terrorism.

  25. I know not all iran people hate us. I know they love the us. But there groups in iran that do hate us. So i say to all the people of iran who love us. We love you back and not all of us hates iran just some groups hate iran. We will pray for the good one in iran. And we will pray for the bad ones too that they will see not all of us is bad. So god bless iran's people. And god bless us. TRUMP 2020 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

  26. Right right. Satan makes Jerusalem the capital of Israel. Ha. Muslims are satan not Trump. Trump is Christian. That man does not represent Iran …. Iranians love Trump. Iranians love freedom. Iranians hate the new Muslim oppressed Arab government of Iran.

  27. Fantastic BBC , out of all the places in Iran you had to go to Qom, and film these fuckheads shouting whatever shit , and fist pumping , why not go to the north of Tehran in one of these mansions and ask those rich kids what do you think regarding the Iran US standoff

  28. Jr C قال:

    I came here after an iran segment from best ever food review show.

  29. @BBC Nationalism?? In Iran we call them British was born mollahs. How BBC can call their children “mollahs” a nationalism cuz in UK it’s hard to find an English person?! all you can see is just moslems thankfully with the help of your old queen which slept with an Indian guy which happened some decades ago 😂😂

  30. @BBCNews Nationalism?? In Iran we call them British was born mollahs. How BBC can call their children “mollahs” a nationalism cuz in UK it’s hard to find an English person?! all you can see is just moslems thankfully with the help of your old queen which slept with an Indian guy which happened some decades ago 😂😂

  31. @BBC is fuckin fake .just wondering why we shouldn’t cut our all relationships with these asshols and cant understand why such an small land which half of its population is muslim dare to talk about other nations specially Persia with her great culture. You need to take back your children which is mollahs to their home in uk.

  32. Xarry 123 قال:

    This is the view of a brain washed minority who think US and Iranian governments are at war! This is NOT true! BBC like all other western media have helped the Iranian and US governments to fool the peoples of US and Iran and the world to believe there is a war between them! This is NOT true! Just look at their co-operation in Iraq! The US removed Saddam from Iraq and gave the control of that country to the Mullahs of Iran! The brave and smart Iraqi people have understood that and are protesting in the streets of Iraq today! As an Iranian I wish they succeed in freeing their country from the covert and evil co-operation of Iran and the US!

  33. Hey BBC, Do you remember what you did in the 70s?!!! Do you remember how you demonized the Shah of Iran and popularized and became the microphone for Khomeini?!!! Ever since 1973, when Shah of Iran raided the price of oil, all of a sudden your so called free media and others, started to talk about "Political prisons, human rights, torture". All of this was to demonize the Monarchy and set the stage for the revolution…

    Political prisoners, were the ones who apposed the monarchy, but they did it committing violent acts. If someone who apposes the queen or prime minister of England, and decides to make a bomb and kill the minister, just what are you going to do to him/ her?!!! Wouldn't you put them in Prison?!!!

    The people of Iran who revolted against the monarchy in 79 should have known better than that. But the real blood is on your hands, BBC…

  34. why should a country face difficult situation for another country’s electoral result(trump)? it isn’t good for the betterment of the world.

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