Inside Turkey’s Offensive Against Kurdish Forces In Syria | NBC Nightly News

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The Turkish military advanced deeper into Kurdish-held northern Syria today, as the death toll from the three-day-old offensive rose, and some 100,000 people have fled their homes, according to the United Nations. Richard Engel is on the ground for us in Syria tonight.
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Inside Turkey’s Offensive Against Kurdish Forces In Syria | NBC Nightly News


‫25 تعليقات

‫25 تعليقات

أضف تعليقا

  1. lol..TDS Trump hating lefties haven't even noticed they've become what they hate…..warmongers!!……heh heh

  2. I'm older but I will go on the front lines with the US military now if necessary. I will help all I can

  3. I support Trump. More war isn't the answer to "fixing" the Middle East.

  4. Frosty Los قال:

    Hilarious how trump always makes his moves sound like the greatest in history

  5. Timur قال:

    Before Turkish Army`s operation: Pkk, Pyd: `Northern syria is gonna be vietnam of Turks
    After Turkish Army`s operation: Pkk,Pyd: `Pleaseeeeee Helpppppp America betrayed us`

  6. I am Kurdish/British, and I feel really bad for my people, even those little ones, I hope they stop doing this.

  7. ploum قال:

    serve this kurds zionist puppet cowards right

  8. Turkey is not targeting Kurds..

  9. Mois Aslan قال:


  10. You're lying. I get angry as you say Kurdish. Our army is fighting the terrorist organizations fed by you western countries. Syrian Kurds in Turkey now that the Kurdish our guest. and even though the western countries are rich, 4,000,000 Kurds took refuge in our country, we spent 40 billion dollars with our feelings of compassion. You armed the terrorists and murdered those poor unarmed innocent Syrians. Syrian families watched as the offspring drowned in the sea. Now, as if you like Kurds very much, you're making black propaganda. These are traitors for sale who have betrayed Iraq during the Iraq war, cooperated with the US and betrayed Syria during the Syrian war. If you love it very much, let us give you 4,000,000 Syrians, but our fear of the President is blown out of fear that Tayyip Erdogan opens the doors. Our operations Kurdish Syrians not PKK, PYD, ISIS, not your beloved terrorist. These are the unscrupulous creatures who have expelled the Kurds from Syria, forcibly recruited their children, persecuted them, attacked our country and tried to divide us and whose ropes were in the hands of western countries. If you love them, we will send them to you :))

  11. Still waiting for the so-called sanctions, Trump.

  12. "The Syrian civil war is a crime initiated by the United States and the Zionist regime, Israel."

  13. HELL BELL قال:

    He wear bulletproof vest but no helmet 😂 they gonna shoot directly on head boom no change of living must wear helmet

  14. Dear Editor,
    Can anyone remember when the "Mainstream Media" ignored Obama and Hillary arming ISIS to invade Syria? How Obama released 5 major terrorists from GITMO to recover one captured US Army traitor ? How Obama allowing the "Osama Bin Laden Brigade "to help take out Assad?
    Named after, You know, the same Bin Laden that Obama boasted about killing?

    The Kurds were total nomads up to WW I! Since then their MO was to occupy other other people's buildings, much like Hermit Crabs. So now Syria will work with the Kurds and Russians to police that region at no cost of money or lives to us! That should be good news! But the rabid Trump detractors will never give Trump credit for anything good.

  15. Hi 61 قال:

    So now the dems are worried about the turks or the kurds?….hahahahhahahahahah

  16. Mimo Mimo قال:

    America last in syria America sell kurdish people game ower for Kurdish people

  17. Turkey is skating on thin ice.The sanctions are working in Iran and sanctions are far more destructive then guns and bombs and save American lives.

  18. CIA cia قال:

    The only genocide that's been committed is the genocide in Yemen sponsored by America

  19. 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷 We do what we want.

  20. Turks, tough time is coming for you guys, run away.

    Love from India to all Kurds! Keep fighting, you will get Kurdistan sooner or later.

  21. Ready to armagedon…saya mendukung turki..

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