Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – September 15, 2019 | NBC Nightly News

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“United Auto Workers union plans major strike against General Motors, tensions escalate after attack on Saudi oil sites, and at least 21 injured in New Jersey deck collapse.

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1:24 Biggest Labor Strike In A Decade Starts At Midnight
2:06 49,000 GM Workers To Walk Off The Job Within Hours
3:27 Iran Denies They’re Behind Drone Attack On Saudi Oil Field
4:33 Gas Prices May Rise After Attack On Saudi Oil Field
5:05 President Trump Authorizes Tapping Reserve To Keep Gas Prices Low
5:55 Trump Defends Brett Kavanaugh After New Accusation
7:08 NBC News Confirms Additional Kavanaugh Accusation Was Reported To FBI
7:23 Democrats Call For Kavanaugh Impeachment Amid New Accusation
8:46 Multi-Deck Collapse Injures 21 In New Jersey
9:32 Off-Duty Firefighters Spring Into Action At NJ Deck Collapse
10:49 Late Night Feud Over ‘Fat-Shaming’
11:51 James Corden Goes Viral: ‘I’ve Struggled… To Manage My Weight’
12:50 The Arctic Warming Up Faster Than Anyplace Else
14:09 As Arctic melts, Russia Moves To Take Advantage

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Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – September 15, 2019 | NBC Nightly News


‫37 تعليقات

‫37 تعليقات

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  1. Funny how controversy always come up the same time a book comes out.

  2. Keep it up and those jobs will leave… Time to ban unions, they have out lived their usefulness. Why should you pay an organization to keep your job? Are you not worth keeping as an employee on your on merit? Why should you pay an organization to find you a job?, Are you not are you not employable on your own merit? The falsehoods of union employees making more money is a lie. Even with the benefits unions claim they have, a non union welder will always be able to earn more. You can set your own worth.

  3. krash Kb قال:

    Saudi wanted to raise oil prices, but failed. Trump has been wanting to go to war with Iran and failed. Now Saudi oil is increasing and Trump will get his war. CONSPIRACY

  4. lang le قال:

    Bill maher is another Epstein.I have seen him since n public place with youngest girl he can get above the law. UAW SCREW YOU UNION COMMIE, FIRE ALL THOSE COMMUNISM VOTER

  5. lcso81 قال:

    Good Job Fake News…..your proving yourselves fools….

  6. Um those mountains were not made with snow on them. So the climate is always changing but it’s going back to how it originally was

  7. Connie T قال:

    bullcrap- when it happens then tell not years after. goodness i am not the same person i was years ago as all others. lame charges and do not believe

  8. Gen Sco قال:

    Unions are killing this country!

  9. eric heine قال:

    Car market saturated. Plenty of used cars in the market.
    Who would buy a new car?

  10. rmclarkjr قال:

    people have too much time on their hands walking in circles on a beach…

  11. Colin قال:

    People don’t understand unions do they? Union members pay monthly dues into their own union. The workers want a better contract. It has nothing to do with union spending money lol.

  12. Shame on the handful of top GM people who pocket major portion of the profit while paying very little to the hard working men and women. Those few greedy people should be put behind bars.

  13. Can't sue for LIBEL if you know there is PROOF IN THE PUDDING.

  14. The fall of corporation of America ☄

  15. We must get rid of these ppl… We're gonna end up in a world war….

  16. I wonder what the average wage is for the union workers?

  17. *** قال:

    get your facts straight General Motors is no longer the largest Auto Maker in the US….They are the smallest of the Big Three. Toyota and Honda has a bigger impact in the US than GM. GM is a Chinese Company!!!

  18. Hello there!
    Being fat in Chinese represents prosperity.
    When you are fat, you are eating good.
    There is also comfort eating with a broken heart,
    Fat people who went through a heartbreak will tend to love food without a broken heart.
    Om Mani Pad Me Hung!

  19. Buddy L قال:

    you don't recall if you are too drunk.

  20. Arrogant thinking humans are affecting climate

  21. Super Super Beauty Super Super curvy Pefect girls design then by plastic surgery here paradise heaven in your hands heres MILLIONS Millions for u USA$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  22. $350K TO $850K $290K TO DESIGN THEM Girls!!!!!!!! paradise heaven police girls capcom streetfighter mortal combat girls $$$$$$$$$$$$

  23. lisa myhre قال:

    Why strike they make a lot.
    My dad made the Ford Mustang horse he never got paid nor credit for it

  24. I guess my good luck of getting gas for $2.259 a gallon for the last month is coming to an end 🙁

  25. Good for the Auto workers. 100% behind them

  26. When are you going to retract the lies you "reported " about Justice Kavanaugh?

  27. If the past didn't affect us we wouldn't be on the race relation topic right now.

  28. OBAMA'S COMPANY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  30. marty one قال:

    I agree a lot with Bill Maher on Religulous and veganism but James Corden is right on this one

  31. marty one قال:

    not one single American should die defending a Saudi oil field not one single American

  32. marty one قال:

    Not one single American should die defending Saudi Arabian oil fields.

  33. marty one قال:

    I agree with Bill Maher on Religulous and veganism but not on his fat philosophy.

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