Trump lifts sanctions on Turkey over Syria assault – BBC News

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The US is lifting sanctions imposed on Turkey nine days ago over its offensive against Kurdish fighters in northern Syria, President Donald Trump says.

His decision came after Russia agreed with Turkey to deploy troops to extend a ceasefire along the Syrian border.

Turkey’s assault began after Mr Trump’s unexpected move to withdraw US troops from northern Syria earlier this month.

“Let someone else fight over this long bloodstained sand,” the president said in a TV address from the White House.

He was heavily criticised by both Democrats and Republicans for the abrupt military pullout, as the Kurds targeted by Turkey had been key US allies in the fight against the Islamic State group (IS) in the region.

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‫36 تعليقات

‫36 تعليقات

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  1. loh helloh قال:

    The worst ever president in america history. He is "make america shame again".

  2. KRM X قال:

    How many people killed since 9/11 some how all weapons used by terrorist belong to USA 🇺🇸, They don’t care about the people. Petrol $$$ free money free oil

  3. Su sharma قال:

    When were the sanctions applied?

  4. We secure our border, now we can build oil pumps in Turkey. By the way, we weren’t fighting with PKK/PYD/SDF for century. We were fighting 20-30 years or so. Our natural enemy is Greeks always been Greek. Byzantium empire and East Roman empire they all Greek. Let us Focus on Greeks after terrorists.

  5. One drop of blood is more valuable than a one drop of oil or?…

  6. Honest headline: Weak, Apathetic Criminal Betrays America's Allies, and Empowers America's Adversaries – AGAIN – Yet He's Still President
    As long as he remains in office, his treason will just keep escalating. He's made America complicit in the ethnic cleansing of allies, while surrendering the Middle East to Putin.

  7. He confess why Americans are in Syria; OIL only. Americans don't care about Kurds (look like care of them these days, but if they don't allow US to suck oil in Syria, you will see Kurds will turn to worst enemy of US), don't care about Democracy, don't care about human life, civil genocides, etc… Socialist ateist Kurds did genocide to Muslim Kurds, Arabs, Kaldanies, Turkmenians in Syria just to allow US to suck the petrol there against thousands of trucks of American weapons. This is the confessed truth by American President… 😡😡😡

  8. bbc ask him to sanction your request to see where he has all his money

  9. Reza Shah قال:

    Trump the BOZO

  10. Tech Hawk قال:

    Love u TRUMP 🖤

  11. 李海 قال:

    FAKE NEWS! BBC must apologize to CHINA for claiming 39 bodies are Chinese!

  12. The United States given gold and money to Turkey if not The Ottoman Empire would have fuckk Usa.but USA people don’t know this.because it’s shameful to you

  13. Rrtre قال:

    Backing off now that Russia is in the game. The West is a joke. Get the hell out of the middle east already. Your war against "Terrorism" has caused nothing but chaos! Every country the US has been to is a total mess. Criminals with access to lethal weapons are in charge, just because you wanted to "police" the world. Everyone who thinks that a country, 1000s of miles away from their home, wants to achieve something great at their destination is a fool. For years, they were talking about "Terrorism, dictators and human rights". Everything was bullshit so far. It was all about deception.

  14. These are the sanctions Trump put on turkey for buying s400 missile systems.
    What a slap down.

  15. 可以先把所有暴徒所有美国人杀光,然后去台湾潇洒躲一躲,没有引渡条例真好



  17. The US doesn't respect human rights or international law.Hiding American rapists with Acoustic weapons of assault.Where is your consent rapist?The victim isn't going to sue you brain rapist,others will do the damage against you.There are people and groups who defend human rights they will come after you rapist with a frequency weapon with Acoustic devices running a campaign of civil harassment and coercive control.
    There are people that will write shit about you television rapist and like those women who confronted Weinstein in a Restaurant,idiots and like minded believers in human rights will when they know the faces of the psychiatrists the psychologists the scientist and family members and television people,you will be hounded confronted as Weinstein.On holiday,work place or in the pub and shops you brain rapist will be hounded as your victim is now.Sue you people,your victim wants as others will,you schizophrenia message rapist arrested and in prison.

  18. 不要逼脸的西方媒体,之前说全是中国人的视频还不让评论了,垃圾 BBC垃圾 CNN. FUCK YOU ALL DOUBLE STANDARD WESTERN MEDIA!

  19. Due to the actions of President Trump Syria now has a chance of its' people living in a more peaceful world.

  20. sams nuts قال:

    never trust a businessman

  21. America's full of crap they secured anything.. it's just a matter of time before war begins there again..

  22. Let me guess. Isis Isis is no more.. got news for you America you'll never stop Isis in America how you going to stop Isis yeah right..😂😂😂😂😂😂

  23. America should not have gotten in the Middle East in the first place.. what's England is responsible for the mess in the Middle East England caused this for years and years of occupation..

  24. So Wo قال:

    This person publicizes hateful remarks, provocation, insult, etc.
    Let him bear the punishment he deserves
    Bu kişinin kanalının ırksal nefret söylemi var; özellikle Türklere karşı nefret söylemi, içerik hakarettir, vb.

  25. Erdogan and Islam zindabad

  26. Mobina B قال:

    I am from iran…
    I not sure to our contery is well.
    I like you'r speachs.

  27. The way how to support the new ottomon empire and to spread caliphate ideology …

  28. Info india قال:

    turkey power

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