Trump-May news conference in full – BBC News

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US President Donald Trump said the US and UK have the “greatest alliance the world has ever known” in a news conference with Theresa May.

The prime minister said they had a “great relationship” that they should “build on”.

The pair have been holding talks at No 10, with contentious issues such as business with Huawei on the agenda.

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‫23 تعليقات

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  3. US is one of the biggest terrorist issues in the world.

  4. The Bukits قال:

    the pm keep saying we may we may we may… feel like empty promises… trump is more to we have we have we have, promises fulfilled… thats why may cant keep her job

  5. Look how professionally May speaks and how childishly Trump. And that’s the leader of America? Wow

  6. It will happen it will happen

  7. 王三 قال:

    a dog or an errand boy to a big bully.

  8. VVSH قال:

    24:32-окей , еще!

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  10. I just love the way Teresa May speaks. It is a real art form. A joy to listen to and stimulates my mind intellectually. Respect.

  11. When did Trump learn to read? He's done rather well!

  12. Idk why but i just dont like both. But this is nice discussions. 😋

  13. mary mai قال:

    BBC News = Satan talks ! Satan hates Trump because he is a man from God to save America from Socialism = Communism.

  14. I understand that you were debating in the same way during World War II whether to lose or save Poland and it was just as easy for you to answer.

  15. Hahaha this moron can hardly read! Good Lord.
    Our country is in trouble, huh?

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