Turkish forces clash with Kurdish fighters in Syria – BBC News

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Around sixty thousand people have fled their homes in North Eastern Syria on the second day of a major air and ground assault by Turkish forces. There’s been heavy fighting in the central border region. Some civilians have been killed and dozens more have been injured on both sides of the border. Turkey’s President Erdogan regards the Kurdish fighters in Syria as terrorists – he claims more than a hundred have been killed.

Turkey is trying to seize land just inside the border to create what it claims is a “safe zone” in Syria to settle some of the millions of Syrian refugees who have fled the eight-year war.

Sophie Raworth presents a roundup of the day’s news with the BBC’s International Correspondent Orla Guerin, Middle East Correspondent Quentin Sommerville and North America Editor Jon Sopel.

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‫49 تعليقات

‫49 تعليقات

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  1. Since the begging of the Syrian war Turkey has supplied ISIS, AL-Qaeda and many other jihadist terrorist to fight Assad and then the Kurds, so when Erdogan lost against both Assad and the Kurds, he is now using his own army to finish the job he has started. Shame on the world that just stands idly by and watch it happen.

  2. The human race is not gonna survive, it can't.

  3. Turk قال:

    Trump: its illegal what you are doing in Syria.

    Erdoğan: I'm gonna smash your boy(pkk)

  4. Damn, when the Turkish President brought up the refugee, he seriously Checkmated them! XD

  5. not kurdish fighters mind washet kurdish terrorists thsre is nearly 10 million kurd in turkey but they are citiziens of turkey

  6. Turkey has been thumbing their nose at America for 20 years I say it's time we taught them a lesson in manners and cooperation

  7. Maafa 1619 قال:

    We should destroy Turkey.

  8. thf dre قال:

    Lol wtf? Those ladys must be hot asf

  9. Turkey supports Isis and terroridm

  10. the terrorist turkish army must first get the fuck out from Kurdish citys in south east turkey on syrian and iraqi border and then try and fuck with the Kurds in north east syria or in north west iraq which are not territorys of turkey at all. the terrorist facist erdogan and his turkish government are against the ethnicity of the Kurds and a Kurdish land just like they were in ww1 in the time of gay mustafa kemal when he made a deal with sykes picot to steal the land of the Kurds kill them and displace them.

  11. Eric Huang قال:

    Fuck Erdogan for killing civilians.

  12. BİG terorist BRitish kingdom and USA and EUROPE

  13. The Turkish Army, the most powerful army in the world, has killed the royal guerrilla PKK mice, the great devils of America.
    Will come to the US as well !!!

  14. Love Peace قال:

    bbc propaganda liars ….. check out yinon plan if you wanna know whats going on there

  15. Turkey could have just asked the Kurds…I don't think they won't agree on that why make unnecessary war and human suffering…

  16. Avalon قال:

    Turkey = ISIS Terrorist

  17. USA must be very proud that Kurdish children are dead and amputated because of Trump hasty pull out

  18. W Hakim قال:

    Malaysia & indonesia please send troop…
    We need solution from both of your country..

  19. Islam destroying them. Damn islam!

  20. Ady Ismail قال:


    BBC News

  21. cia agents is still there and funding isis to attack innocent peoples and blaim turkish forces

  22. You are confusing Turkish army with EU/USA/Israel armies. YOU are the ones who kill bomb rape innocent civillians all over the world. Turkish army only fights terrorists. Turkish army doesnt bomb complete towns and villages like USA does. WTF is USA doing in northern Syria???? What reason are they there???? Answer: nothing but stealing the oil of Syrian Republic. They give weapons to the dumb ypg and take the oil. WHO gave YPG the right to sell the oil of Syria??? = you are the biggest scum of the world. Thieves, murderers, rapists,.

  23. adir123 4 قال:

    Israel always Stand with Kurdistan 🇮🇱❤️🇹🇯

  24. Nescaf3 قال:

    Nice propaganda !

  25. The world of the rich will come to en end as they, Satan and his demons will be sent to Hell to be destroyed. The only way for the rich to go to paradise and avoid this gruelling place is to bring peace and prosperity to the world and help fix the planet. Spreand this to the world. +++Mohammed was the last Messenger but only God knew the meaning of Alif Laam meem. I am Alif Laam Meem.

  26. gabcuk1980 قال:

    I think Turkey is For Freedom in Syrian , have Many Refugees helping

  27. eaZt rider قال:

    This is PKK propaganda.

  28. BBC still trying to manipulate us. The kurdish forces are part of PKK that recognized by NATO as Terrorsit. And attacks which comes from syrian side caused 17 civilian's death

  29. Homan Lora قال:

    Turkish is the real isis , fuck turkey fuck ardogan .

  30. Soner Baş قال:

    Are u ready europe ? We sending you 3 000 000 refugees syrian 😀

  31. Turkey-Muslims


    Aliens – Allah wakubar!islam is peace

  32. Yalan haber yapmayı çok iyi biliyorsunuz orusbu çocukları Türkiye sivilleri öldürmuyor

  33. balikci035 قال:

    how fucktup this so called news agency?!? ethnic cleansing? mostly all kurdish people living in turkey. most of kurdish refugees go to turkey. and still ethic cleansing?? something definitely wrong with this fake news people! stop saying kurdish force they terorist they don’t represent kurds. most Majority kurds living in turkey and most kurdish refugees in turkey because they running from ypg and sdf so called kurdish force!

  34. Turkish people are worst and the most racist nation ever .

  35. 300.000 syrian kurd refuge Turkey. They are running. From ypg terrorist organization. America give them weapons but pkk attack our soldiers in our lands with these weapons. They are same, only names is diffrent. They use civillians like shield. Every smart people can understand that. Because They are terrorist.

  36. I hate Erdogan but the real killers are you guys and your kurdish slaves!

  37. All ISIS come through turkey and turkey supported them

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